How do you forget to risk it? Alzheimer disease, let’s take a look!

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How do you forget to risk it? Alzheimer disease, let’s take a look!

Forgetfulness can happen often, right? Today, let’s take a look at what types of forgetfulness are at risk. Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s take โปรโมชั่น ufabet I’ll take your friends to get to know you. More about this disease, including ways to prevent it and take care of yourself to healthy and strong.

What is Alzheimer’s disease ?

Alzheimer’s disease is consider one of the diseases. That arise from the deterioration of the function and structure of the tissues in the brain. It is mostly found in the elderly. It does not refer to the deterioration that occurs naturally. Because the elderly. There is no need to Everyone has Alzheimer’s disease. But this is a degeneration caused by a type of protein call beta-amyloid. This type of protein is insoluble in water. When it attaches to brain cells, it sends Resulting in brain cells deteriorating and atrophying as well as causing damage to communication between brain cells from the reduction of acetylcholine (Acetylcholine) which is a neurotransmitter which directly affects memory.

Accumulation of beta-amyloid causes the brain’s efficiency to gradually decrease. Starting with the hippocampus. Which plays an important role in remembering new information. When brain cells in this part If this damage is destroy. The patient will begin to have memory problems, especially short-term memory. The damage will then spread to other parts of the brain and affect learning. feelings, thoughts, language, and various behaviors as well

And when I thought about it and looked at what kind of “forgetting” symptoms it seemed to me. I guess it was considered Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease). Today, we’re here to tell you about the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Let’s have friends learn to observe.

– Forget things, be forgetful, put things in the wrong place.

Placing things in the wrong place or in the wrong place without realizing that it was in the wrong place, such as keeping your phone in the refrigerator. When you have to search for things that are kept in the same place all the time, you can’t find them. Because you can’t remember how you normally keep them in the same place. Where exactly? But go back to that thing. Even if you shouldn’t be able to put it down or if you can’t find the item, blame it on someone else. Picked up and changed the place, or thought another way, someone had already stolen it

– Problems with writing, speaking, and word choice

While talking, you may suddenly stop talking because you can’t think of words or know how to explain. I can’t compose my words properly. I’m confused because I have problems forgetting. From what I can remember, when I speak, I put the words in the wrong order or call things by the wrong name. They cannot name objects that they use regularly, such as plates, spoons, cars. Simple words cannot be called correctly.

– Forgetfulness about things that should be forgotten, memory worsens

People who are starting to develop Alzheimer’s disease often have symptoms of being forgetful, forgetting new things that just happened, or what is called short-term memory loss, forgetting important dates or important events. that just happened. Even though you probably shouldn’t have forgotten it, or you like to ask the same thing over and over even though you just asked it yourself because you forgot that you had already asked it. But if it’s just an occasional forgetting, after some time has passed, you’ll remember it or Remember, that’s not yet a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

Behavior of Alzheimer’s disease that can observe will change in 4 areas:

1. Memory aspect

2. Thought aspect


4. Behavior or actions

If you have noticed It was found that these behaviors occur frequently with elderly people nearby. or symptoms begin to affect more to that person’s daily life, they should find an opportunity to take them to see a doctor To diagnose and treat correctly according to the symptoms. In order to help patients And people who take care of patients will have an understanding of the behavior that will occur. In order to care for the patient correctly and appropriately, sure enough.