Conquer obesity, reduce fat sustainably for long-lasting health.

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Conquer obesity, reduce fat sustainably for long-lasting health.

Obesity nowadays It happened a lot. And it’s cause by many reasons. Today, I want to invite everyone to have good health together. and come see the techniques Conquer obesity, reduce fat sustainably for long-lasting health. Let’s go see ทางเข้า ufabet

for body weight It may something. That many people worry about. Afraid of being fat, and give little importance to. Weight often comes with fat. Moreover, whether weight goes up or down, there is only one principle: the calories we eat. and the calories that our body uses.

– Drinking water

Drink enough water each day. It will make the various systems in our body work well and try to avoid various drinks that contain calories such as bubble tea, various sweet drinks, alcohol, soft drinks, etc. because they will cause us to gain a lot of calories.

– Eat enough protein.

our body You need approximately 1 – 2 grams of protein multiplied by your body weight (for example, a person weighing 65 kg will need approximately 65 – 130 grams per day). in sufficient quantity It will greatly help in “reducing fat” as well as strengthening muscles. Makes muscles increase It will make the body Metabolize better and maintain muscle mass well During the period of reducing fat

– Avoid sugar and sweets.

Can be eaten in appropriate quantities. In addition to calories added From sugar Sugar also has an effect Make the body inflamed Makes you sick easily decreased immunity Plus our brain Addicted to sweetness. The more you eat, the more you can’t stop. The amount you should eat should be less.

– Manage stress

Stress has a huge effect on the body, including recovery. After exercise, sleep affects hormones. That may result in weight going up or down. We should find a way to manage it. with stress, which each person may have a different way Find a method that suits you. Both meditation Find a hobby to do Play with pets, read books, relax yourself.

– Sleep and get enough rest.

our body will repair itself During the time we rest, therefore, we should allocate enough time to sleep and rest. We need time to sleep. Unequal approximately 6 – 8 hours/day by arranging sleep at the same time every day will help you sleep more efficiently and make your biological clock work normally, which will result in your body’s system we Work better

– Exercise regularly

Plan your exercise to fit your lifestyle, at any time. Any amount of time will work, starting at 10 minutes and increasing gradually. The key is consistency and self-discipline.

– Eat natural food Reduce processed foods

Eat food from all 5 food groups, emphasizing food that comes from freshly prepared foods and eating a lot of vegetables. Processed foods such as sausages, meatballs, etc. should be avoided. Foods that come from natural sources should be avoided. There will be good nutrients. Fiber in vegetables is beneficial, reducing the absorption of sugar and keeping the stomach full for a long time. The technique is that we don’t need to focus on eating a little, but choose to eat better. This will make us healthy and reduce fat in the short term. Long, no need to endure hunger or fasting.

-Happy living life

The most important thing We should be happy in what we do. and living Both exercise behavior modification Adjusting the diet If we are happy in what we do, we will do well. Love your body more And your health will be even better.