If you like pick your ears, be careful! wrong way is dangerous

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If you like to pick your ears, be careful! Picking in the wrong way is dangerous. and removes earwax safely.

If you like to pick your ears, be careful! Picking in the wrong way is dangerous. and removes earwax safely It is considered another behavior. What we should give importance to and pay attention to is earwax picking. If picked incorrectly, It may risk causing our hearing to become abnormal. and can cause danger.

Many people try to remove wax from their ears. Because they understand that earwax is just dirt. that must be removed, but picking the ears can be dangerous And it can affect our hearing because earwax is actually a mechanism of the body. That helps prevent foreign objects, dust, and even insects from entering the ear. which most people Ear picks or cotton swabs are often used to remove or pick out earwax. which these devices May cause damage to the inner ear. and the eardrum can be perforated Also, sometimes the amount of earwax is too much. It may cause abnormalities as well. According to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

What is earwax?

Earwax or what is called Ear wax (Earwax or medical term called Cerumen) arises from the earwax-producing gland (Ceruminous gland) that is sandwiched between. The outer ear canal (External ear canal) and the eardrum (Eardrum) are oil secreted from this earwax-producing gland. It flows slowly along the ear canal, combining with sebum produced from sweat glands (Sebaceous gland), skin or the lining of the ear canal that has peeled off (Ketatin), dust and sweat to become earwax. Naturally, earwax is pushed outside the ear canal. A little each day By the movement of skin cells The skin layer that covers The outer ear is Therefore, we do not need to use picking, scraping, or cleaning methods. Inside the ear in any way

Earwax is not just ordinary shavings because earwax has important functions:

– It is a disinfectant. Earwax has mild acidic properties that can destroy bacteria. that can penetrate into the ear canal, thus helping to protect Prevent infection of the ear canal wall and spread into the middle and inner ear.

– Prevents foreign objects from entering the ear such as insects, debris or dust. that may escape into the ear canal

– Helps lubricate and coat the ear walls. Always moisturize. To prevent inflammation during winter The skin is often dry and flaky and white, which is caused by low humidity in the air. The skin is therefore dry, cracked, and itchy, so you may need to apply cream to help. But the skin inside the ear Much thinner than normal skin So there must be oil. Keep it coated all the time, otherwise it may become dry and cracked and infection may occur as a result.

Earwax is divided into 2 types:

– Dry earwax (Dry Cerumen)

– Wet earwax (Wet Cerumen) where wet earwax has more fat and pigment than dry earwax. Therefore it is sticky. and has a darker color. In addition, it is believed that different races May cause Looks like earwax that are different, such as yellow-skinned people and most Indians There will be dry earwax. But white people and the majority of black people There will be wet earwax. As for the amount of earwax In each of them There are differences.

Is ear picking necessary ?

The earwax of our people Can help protect the ear canal And most of them can fall out naturally, but in some cases, the earwax may not fall out by itself. and accumulates until it becomes a large, hard, and sticky lump of earwax, causing earwax blockage. and results in tinnitus, ear pain, and hearing ringing in the ears. Hearing can be reduced. For this reason, earwax removal is only considered necessary in some cases.

How to pick your ears correctly ?

The best way is to see an ear specialist in order to be taken care of and clean the ears properly and the safest. However, if you are unable to see a doctor You can still follow the steps. as follows as well.

How to pick your ears safely

As we said Whether using an ear pick or using a cotton swab to remove earwax. It may cause the earwax to go deeper. If inserted too deeply or exerting too much force This can cause eardrum injury, perforation, bleeding, or deafness. Additionally, some people may use ear candles. Or use an earwax dissolving candle (Ear Candle) to remove earwax from the ear canal, but this method does not help in eliminating earwax in any way. and may cause the eardrum to perforate and become deaf.

If you want to get rid of earwax, you can try the following methods.

1. Start by cleaning the outside of the ear. The front and back of the ear area

2. Use a dropper or water dropper. Drop a little baby oil or hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal. To keep the earwax moist and soft. Can be easily removed

3. Tilt your head to one side and gently insert the cotton swab or ear pick a little at a time.

4. When you have picked out as much earwax as possible. Clean the ears with clean water. or baby oil again Then wipe dry