Insigne insists Napoli are continuing to work hard.

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Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne insists the team are continuing to work hard. That despite having an excellent start to their first six league wins this season.

         The Naples side beat Cagliari 2-0 in their latest game, giving them their first six straight wins of the season. This is the second time since the 2017/18 season the team has done so. But Insigne insists the team will continue to work after last season’s disappointment left them with only Europa League trophies.

         “We had a good start. But we have to bow our heads. Keep working because the road is still long,” told DAZN and ufabet .

Insigne insists Napoli are continuing to work hard.

         “The coach wants us to enjoy ourselves while we work. As captain I can only say that we are realistic. When we missed out on the UEFA Champions League by one point less than last season So we have to compensate for this.”

         “We try to play in Spalletti’s way, he knows we are disappointed that we can only play in the Europa League and he tries to bring us up.”

         Meanwhile, he thanked the fans for applause as he was substituted off the pitch with Victor Osimen in the 69th minute of the game.

         “It was an incredible feeling. I try to have fun and reward everyone with my work. Help the team win the game.”