“Mouthwash” is not use properly. The risk of oral erosion worse than before

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Mouthwash” is not use properly. The risk of oral erosion worse than before

Is mouthwash necessary?

Mouthwash is a liquid. That helps to clean the mouth more. But may not replace teeth cleaning and gums from brushing teeth and can use dental floss Because rinsing alone cannot get rid of all the food particles that remain between the gums and teeth. Tears are responsible for reducing some of the germs in the mouth. Temporarily stop bad breath. And refresh the mouth from the smell only If you are confident that you can clean your mouth well https://ufabet999.com There is no need to use mouthwash here.

Dangers of improper use of mouthwash

  1. Do not use mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth. Because the use of is just to add a fresh scent to the mouth only temporarily. But plaque, food particles, etc. still remain between the gums and between the teeth. Including the bulge of the cheeks, tongue, etc. Therefore, use additional mouthwash only after brushing (if unable to brush teeth). Should use dental floss. and can continue with mouthwash)
  2. Mouthwash does not cure symptoms. Of oral disease Many people may use it in the gum area. or spots with tooth decay in hopes to help reduce inflamed swollen gums or treat tooth decay including sensitive teeth. That although contains ingredients that help in the matter of sensitive teeth But if it is a sensitive tooth. That is caused by a worn tooth neck Then we use mouthwash to help. and ignore the symptoms. May cause us to not get the right treatment from the doctor. And the tooth neck symptoms worsened, not filling the neck until causing the neck to wear down to the pulp of the tooth until the toothache, then having to change to root canal treatment instead of filling the neck that is easier to treat or if you have periodontitis doesn’t really help cure the disease from the root cause. If left unchecked, it may cause us to ignore the disease until it becomes more and more severe.
  3. If you use mouthwash too often may destroy good bacteria living in the mouth and may cause fungal infection in the mouth later It may also cause plaque to form on the teeth easily. The taste buds from the tongue are distorte. And the color of the tooth enamel changes as well
  4. If you choose to that contains alcohol. or too strong acid May irritate the mucous membranes inside the mouth, thinning the tooth surface until it can cause tooth sensitivity.