Dry, Chapped, Peeling Lips Can Be Cured Naturally.

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Dry, Chapped, Peeling Lips Can Be Cured Naturally.

Dry mouth causes the surface of your lips to retain less moisture. It usually occurs during the winter or when the weather is dry. And besides the weather, there are other factors that can cause dry mouth, such as saliva, cosmetics, diet, skin diseases or taking certain drugs, etc. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Natural tips to cure dry mouth

If you are a person with dry lips often before maintenance should start with lip scrub. To remove dead skin cells to fall off first. By bringing salt or sugar mixed with honey and then used to scrub the lips dry or flaky sheets. After scrubbing the lips The next step will be lip care. To help increase moisture and prevent dryness of the skin around the lips. The raw materials close to the body that have properties to help cure dry mouth, such as

coconut oil

This is because the skin on the lips has a thinner skin barrier than the skin on other areas of the body. coconut oil It will add moisture to the lips. Optimize Peeling Lips the performance of the skin. It may also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects associated with dry mouth. How to use coconut oil to cure dry mouth is to take a cotton pad or a clean finger to wipe the coconut oil and apply it on the lips in the desired amount. You can do this all day or whenever you want.

aloe vera

aloe vera Has properties in retaining moisture anti-inflammatory Contains antioxidants that penetrate into the skin and help to mitigate damage to the surface of the lips. In the first step, the aloe vera leaves are peeled. Scoop out the gelatinous part and wash it clean. Then applied to the lips. By applying 2-3 times a day because aloe vera contains mild enzymes that help in cell renewal. But if it’s not convenient to use fresh aloe vera. There are also aloe vera products in gel form that can be applied to the mouth area as well. Which before use should read the instructions on the product label every time for safety. 


In addition to being used as an ingredient in the process of exfoliating old skin cells from the lips. Honey can be used to treat dry mouth. Because it has moisturizing properties and prevents infection in the cracked area. The use of honey to cure dry mouth. Can done Peeling Lips by using a cotton pad or a clean finger to wipe the honey. Then apply it on the lips. This can done throughout the day or at any desired time. But those who are allergic to pollen and bee venom. Honey and products containing honey should be avoided. 


Studies have shown that avocados have similar functional properties to the moisturizers and thickeners found in lip balms. But the avocado texture is not greasy. It absorbs into the skin well. Contains many fatty acids and antioxidants Avocado is another ingredient. That can help relieve dry mouth. Just bring fresh avocado to mash. Then use a cotton pad or clean finger to wipe and apply to the lips as needed. Or may use in the form of products that contain avocados as well.

petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly Has the ability to retain moisture longer than oil or wax. So it may help prevent dry and cracked skin. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that petroleum jelly be applied during the day and before bedtime. to increase moisture and inhibit dryness of the skin as well as relieve the symptoms of cracked lips

Preventing Dry Mouth

to prevent dry mouth from returning We can take care of the lips in the following ways.

  • drink enough water
  • Do not lick or bite your lips. Saliva evaporates quickly and can dry out your lips even more.
  • apply lip balm regularly If you are outdoors, you should use a lip balm that contains sunscreen. And avoid using flavored lip balms on children. to prevent lip licking
  • Avoid using cosmetics or lip care products that contain fragrances, alcohol, dyes, booze, menthol, or salicylic acid,  as these can cause irritation.
  • should not breathe through the mouth Because the air that goes in and out can dry out your lips.