Mourinho confirms Roma next season for sure.

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Jose Mourinho has confirmed he will stay at Roma football club next season. Because the situation with the club in Rome is going smoothly.

Mourinho is leading Roma in the Europa Conference League final against Feyenoord this season, although their performance in Serie A has not competed for the Champions League. UFABET But the Portuguese coach still has plans with Giallorossi for the 2022-23 season.

“At this time, everything was going smoothly. Because I still have two years on my contract.” Mourinho said of his future.“The club did not contact me to try to extend the contract. So they didn’t put me in a situation of acceptance or rejection. So everything is calm stable, and that’s the way it has to be.”“I have to finish the season as best we can. And starting next season 100 per cent because I am not looking for a change.“I couldn’t leave the club in my second season. I can’t do that with the club. So I will be here next season.” said the former Tottenham Hotspur boss.

It marks a successful end to his first season at Roma and he confirmed there is more to come after revealing the close bond he feels with the club.

“I will stay, even if some offer arrives,” Mourinho told Sky Italia.

“I want to stay at Roma and we need to understand what our owners want to do next season so that we can follow up on this story, we need to define the direction for next season.