Gareth Bale’s injury again and taking a longer break

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 Gareth Bale Trying to return to Real Madrid’s main character this season, but has been out for a long time because of a new injury.

Bale has been a staple in Carlo Ancelotti’s squad since the start of the season. And played for the Wales national team last week in perfect condition. But after training with Real Madrid on Saturday There was an injury problem the day before the game against Celta Vigo.

Spanish newspaper Marca reported that Bale underwent an injury examination on Monday morning. before having problems in the muscles behind the right knee It is an injury that takes a long time to heal. But no time period was specified.

It has become a problem for Ancelotti, who will have to lead the team in six games over the next three weeks. There are 4 La Liga games and 2 UEFA Champions League games. That starting with away Inter Milan (ChP), away Valencia, home Mallorca, home Villarreal, home Cheri. Fff Tiraspol (ChP), visit Espanyol, then a two-week break from the national team’s programme.