Real Madrid prepares to respond to Laporta suspicion of defamation.

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Real Madrid under Florentino Perez may sue Barcelona president Joan Laporta for defamation. Marca reported on Monday that Real Madrid were preparing to respond to comments made by Joan Laporta. That they viewed the Barcelona president’s press conference as defamatory. 

Laporta’s comments at today’s press conference have fueled tensions between Barcelona and Real Madrid. After the Barca president accused the Los Blancos of having close ties to authorities. In the past and has also received good treatment from referees for decades. 

Laporta also criticized Real Madrid’s decision to take on the role of accusers in the Negreira trial. Which could further damage relations between the clubs UFABET

According to Marca, Real Madrid are considering retaliating against Laporta’s comments. That they see as disrespectful to the club. And it is possible to take legal action with a defamation suit as well. 

But Spanish media noted that Laporta avoided mentioning Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Despite his role as a key player in the club’s run for the past two decades. This may be partly because both parties still have mutual interests in pushing for the Super League project. But this conflict could become a breaking point between the two clubs.

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