Canada beat USA 2-0 to retain World Cup qualifiers.

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Canada retained their lead in the World Cup qualifiers in the cache zone. After Canada beat USA 2-0 in a big football match last Sunday.

Starting the game for 7 minutes. Canada took the lead quickly when Kyle Larin bounced with Jonathan David. Before hooking the ball to the right to shoot in the penalty area 1-0.

The United States had a chance to answer UFABET under in the 37th minute. When Chelsea star Christian Pulisic fired a free kick from 25 yards. But the ball flew over the bar behind him.

In the 42nd minute, the United States should have scored the most goals from a corner kicked by Weston McKenney, but Milan Borjan made a world-class save to protect it unbelievably.

In the second half of the 70th minute.

Canada should have taken the lead from the stroke of the US defender. Not good on the ball, causing it to be cut first as Jonathan David presses with an emphasis on the left, Matt Turner saves the first stroke, Kyle Larin follows again, then turns on to save Turner again.

Opportunities will inform the best of the United States. The first half happened in the 87th minute when Miles Robinson headed Paul Arriola to rest before a somersault shot in the penalty area. But the ball fell out of the frame a bit. 

In injury time, Canada came to the goal to repeat the victory from the counter-attack before Sam Adekube fell solo and shot from a distance immediately from the front of the penalty area, sending the ball into the post decisively. 

Finishing the game, Canada pick up 3 more important points by defeating the United States 2-0, holding the top of the CONCACAF zone with 22 points. While the United States in second place with 18 points. But could be hit by Mexico later. Can overtake if Jango’s army defeats Costa Rica. Canada beat USA 2-0.