Olympique Marseille has no hesitation in signing Matteo Guendouzi

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Olympique Marseille has no hesitation in signing Matteo Guendouzi on a permanent basis, according to L’Equipe.

The 22-year-old midfielder joined Marseille from Arsenal on loan last summer.  With the option to sign a permanent contract after this season

On Saturday, L’Equipe revealed that OM had no hesitation in using the option to grab Guendouzi on a permanent basis after this season. Because the players performed excellently and became the core of the club.

This season, Guendouzi has made 12 appearances with three goals and two assists. He has become a key figure in Jorge Sampaoli’s starting line-up. 

The report states that Marseille has the option of signing a permanent contract with Guendouzi worth 11 million euros, which the French club are ready to use at the end of the season.

It’s not like PSG are without their fair share of characters, some of whom are probably just as individualistic as Guendouzi.

At the same time, it’s yet another instance of the player falling out with people at his own club. We’ve seen similar incidents everywhere Guendouzi has gone. So there’s no shifting the blame.

Also, when someone like Neymar is a bit selfish, you can more easily excuse it. He’s a proven global superstar with years of top-level football behind him and the ability to win a match single-handedly on his day.

Guendouzi’s achievements do not compare. His only trophy is an FA Cup won in a match he missed. Because he was on holiday after falling out with his coach. He’s yet to debut for his country, and he has four career goals and 10 assists.

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