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How to store avocados in the refrigerator

Avocado is a very valuable fruit. And good for health, but many people when buying avocados After the avocado ripens, storage problems may arise. Here are some tips for storing avocados in a variety of ways. It can be collected whole, cut, crushed, or cut in half. Let’s see what

8 ways to eat “clean food” correctly, good for health

Recommend health lovers to eat clean food properly. Not through refined or refined as little as possible. And should choose to eat food from all 5 groups in the right amount, enough to meet the needs of the body Dr. Sarawut Boonsuk, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, said that

Benefits of petroleum jelly.

Most people use petroleum jelly to nourish dry lips and skin. But the properties of creating moisture and locking water in the skin can be applied to other parts of the body as well, such as With the components of petroleum jelly that are Moisturizing substances  Therefore, it has the ability to

7 defense techniques “Indigestion”

the older The more you pay attention to health , especially food. because it may result in symptoms “Indigestion” is a symptom that can occur either while we are eating or after eating. It can happen to all genders and ages. It is found in adults and the elderly. When the symptoms occur,

Chelation therapy and blood pressure control

Chelation therapy and blood pressure control. Blood pressure control, or blood pressure, is a widespread health issue. That can lead to serious heart and blood vessel complications. If left untreated, although lifestyle changes and medications are often used. To manage high blood pressure. But alternative treatments. It has gain

Conquer obesity, reduce fat sustainably for long-lasting health.

Conquer obesity, reduce fat sustainably for long-lasting health. Obesity nowadays It happened a lot. And it’s cause by many reasons. Today, I want to invite everyone to have good health together. and come see the techniques Conquer obesity, reduce fat sustainably for long-lasting health. Let’s go see ทางเข้า ufabet for

Hoylund humbly asks fans not to compare him to Haaland

Hoylund humbly asks fans not to compare him to Haaland. Manchester United striker Rasmus admits. He doesn’t like being compared to Erling Haaland and praises the Manchester City striker as the best striker in the world. this time Hoylund is often compared to Haaland because they have many similarities